Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I actually made a bag!!

 I am branching out and it is a little scary!!  I was in desperate need of a new bag for church so I thought I would make one on my own.  I am a really good copier... I find lots of things to "copy" online, but I am not great at following directions.  I typically look at lots of tutorials and patterns and then do my own thing.  Often there is a bit of trial and error, but that's how I learn.  --- This is very much how my life is too :)
 So, I made this bag from a charm pack of Moda Modern Workshop (minus the dark browns).  I used some fabric that I had on hand for the straps, cuff and lining... though I don't remember what designer they are from.
I even made a pocket!!  Now that I have made one bag, there are a ton of things I would have done differently.  I would have used a thicker interfacing, I would have done a drop in liner and I would have added more pockets.  BUT, this is only the first!!!

Jelly Roll Skirts

As the end of the month nears, I always find myself looking for something else to do.  My bee blocks are done by this time and I have usually completed some sort of quilt project and am looking to branch out a bit.

So, I decided to make my girls each a skirt.  I found the skirt tutorial for the skirt on the left (with a couple modifications), which I made for Elise, on Moda Bake Shop.  After finishing it, I was left with quite a bit of the jelly roll left over so I decided to make Maggie a skirt too.  I whipped that second skirt up in about an hour, probably less.
I added ric rac (how do you even spell that!?) to the bottom of each of the skirts.  The girls wore them to church this past Sunday and they looked so darling!  I used Moda's Basic Grey's Origins, which happens to be what they used in the Moda Bake Shop tutorial... I just happened to have it in the stash!!

I got a bag!!!

 I have a new bag!!  I have adopted it as one of my diaper bags (I always need multiple for some reason).  Isn't it cute???  My friend Laurie made this for me and I am in love with it.
 She made it mostly with the Moda Pure line.  It really is a great line for a boyish themed quilt or bag or whatever.
I'm in love with it and it is already being put to use!  THANKS Laurie!

Mod Bento Block Quilt-FINISHED- thank goodness!!

 Thank heaven that this quilt is FINALLY finished.  It looks great now, but it has been my nemesis since its birth.  It was one of my very first quilts too!
 I used the Moda Bliss line of fabric.  It quickly caught my eye at my LQS and I grabbed it quickly and got a quarter yard of each!  I found the free tutorial for these blocks at www.filminthefridge.com
 The first nightmare with these blocks was that I was using a guide on my cheap Walmart machine (before my newer machine) and it was constantly slipping so my seams were never quite right.  So, some of my squares were smaller than they should have been.  However, with lots of starch, some stretching and also some trimming, I finally ended up with 9 blocks that were all the same size.
 When I went to sash this in Kona Snow, I didn't have enough fabric... UGH! So I had to make another trip and do a little sash piecing.  THEN I realized that it just wasn't big enough... I don't really like to make quilts that someone can't wrap themselves in, so I made a border.  BUT, I wanted something more than just a plain border, but I did not have a lot of scraps left.  So, I settled on this simple border.
 In my head, I imagine the 4 pieced sides connecting at the corners, but I failed to do mitered corners, so they don't.  Which isn't a huge deal, because it still looks fine, but it wasn't how I had imagined it.
 THEN I had ordered 5 yards of backing fabric (also Moda Bliss), but because this is a square quilt, I had to piece, but even with piecing I was about 4 inches short and had NO scraps left to piece... and I didn't want to throw in some random fabric on this back.  SO, I went to go order some more.  Except that I had ordered it relatively cheaply because it was on sale and now I couldn't find it in stock. GRRR.  So, I had to order a yard of it full priced on etsy. 
After all of that, the quilt actually came together well.  My mom, the wonderful mama that she is, custom quilted it for me and I think it looks nice.  I have plans to gift this quilt to a really great couple.  I mean, it has a lot of white in it so there is no way it would last in our house!

Monday, May 23, 2011


For the May A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate Swap, my partner Megan outdid herself and sent me this beautiful package!
 She sent me some gorgeous pictures that she took, an awesome little bag, some Aviary II fabric, japanese fabric, some notions, a couple extras and a bib and burp cloth for Mason! 
I love this little bag!  I used it already for my makeup/toiletries while at the hospital.  It worked perfectly.  I think I might use it for my thread and scissors instead.  It is so cute.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ALFALC Swap- May

One of my newest swaps is the "A little fabric, a little chocolate swap"...sounds right up my alley, huh?  The idea is you send some fabric (at least 3 fat quarters worth), a notion of some sort, some chocolate and a handmade item.  For my handmade item, my partner requested/mentioned a table runner. So, that's what I made!

 I tried it on my table-- just to see how it would look.
 Here is a closeup of the front where you can see the quilting better.
 I used Moda Central Park charm squares and did the sashing/borders with Kona charcoal and a Kona orange color (not sure what color).
For the backing, I used a Moda Eden print.  I really liked it and it makes me want to do an entire quilt from the Eden line, but it is a little hard to find.

Giddy Quilt

This is a smaller sized quilt (maybe a baby quilt?) that I made out of Moda Giddy fabric.  I used one jelly roll and a charm pack.  I am in love with these colors for some reason.  I just want to stare at this quilt all day... perhaps I will just put it on my craft room wall?  hmmm...
 For the middle, where I used the jelly roll, I used a pattern that I found in one of those precuts books.  It was really easy and I like who the pattern does to your eyes.... are you looking at squares, diamonds, triangles? 

 For the back, I used one of the prints from the same line for the majority of the back and used my extra blocks in the back. 
 For the quilting, my mom used a thread called, "lipstick" and actually used a clover pantagraph.  Seems an odd choice, but it really looks great!  I love it.
 Here is a closeup of the front--- I just love the girly colors in this quilt!

Monday, May 16, 2011

PURE baby quilt

 Here is a baby quilt that I just finished up.  I originally started it thinking that I wanted to make a quilt for my own baby, but after doing an inventory, the boy has PLENTY of quilts already so I plan on this going to a friend who is having a boy. 

 I saw the Moda Pure line in my LQS and it was just one of those lines that every time I was at the store, I found myself over by it.  The local shop only had a couple of the fabrics, so I went the cheap route and bought a couple charm square packs online.  I cut up some of the charms in half and left the others alone and just sewed them all together!  Really easy, really simple and really fast.
 Even though I had plenty of squares left over (I used about 1 1/4 packs of charm squares), I went for the plain backing.  It is the light blue striped fabric from the same line. 
My mom quilted this quilt using a curl pattern of some sort.  I think it is simple and perfect.
Here is a closeup and I think the blues and browns look really great together.  Should be a nice gift!

My new quilt model!!

 My newest quilt model joined our family on May 12th!  Mason is here and is sweeter than ever!!  We are in love with him and I am sure my quilting will definitely slow down with his arrival and with summer on the way.

 The gorgeous quilt belongs to Mason and was made by my mom.  She has made a quilt for all of her grandchildren and I absolutely love this one!
 The baby on top of it isn't bad either :).
It almost looks like he is really trying to feel the fibers on that ric-rac doesn't it?  Perhaps a future quilter on the horizon!?  Well, maybe not Mason, but perhaps I can convince one of my offspring to show an interest!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3x6 Bee-2nd Quarter

 I joined the 2nd quarter of the 3 x 6 Mini Bee.  This is a bee where you have three months to finish off 6 blocks (of the same pattern) for 6 different people (and yourself if you choose).  I had such a hard time coming up with what to do!  I made 3 of one block but decided it wasn't really me, then started on another block but they weren't coming out real uniform, then I finally settled on doing log cabins.  Wasn't real original of me since I didn't even realize another hive member had also done log cabins... ugh, this preggo brain.
 Anyway, I was frantic to finish them before Mason comes, so this is what I came up with and it worked out fine because the other log cabins that the other hive member made look very different.  Each hive member chooses the colors and we each pull from our own stash.
 This one is actually mine... grey, green and blue.
 Mardene chose purple, yellow and aqua.
 Anna chose red, pink and blue.
 Nicole chose yellow, blue and grey.
 Kat chose orange and aqua.
 Becky chose orange, green and yellow.
Jane (our hive leader)- chose red, white and aqua.

In the end these were actually really fun, but I think I stressed out too much about it.  Sometimes I really ought to learn to relax!

Twelve Month Quilting Bee- March- Finished Quilt!

 In my Twelve Month Quilting Bee, I started our group off and sent off a bunch of Ty Pennington's Impressions line and was so pleased with what came back to me!  I had them all do wonky log cabins and they were so fun to make and receive back!

 I had the quilt top finished a couple weeks ago, but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the back.  I ended up settling with the cheapest option and went with some Kona Black... the same as is on the borders.
 Here is a closeup of the quilt top and a few of the blocks.  I've really gotten a lot of compliments on just the quilt top.  I like it too.
 My mom did the quilting on her long arm machine and I think the pantograph that we chose is perfect for this. She used a varigated chartreuse and yellow thread but it kind of looked the same color.  Regardless, I think the light thread on the black is really striking and beautiful!

Here is a closeup of the quilting.  You really can see it all so well.  It looks awesome!

So, big thanks to my swap buddies.  I hope I can provide them with as nice of blocks as they provided me.