Friday, July 29, 2011

Can Hardly Wait!!

 The quilting process is a fairly long one.  Selecting a pattern, then fabric, sewing the blocks, then putting the blocks together, then perhaps borders, then you have to quilt it and then bind it.  It often takes months and some even years to complete a quilt.  I have two quilts that are almost finished.  One just needs the binding and the other is getting quilted as we speak!!!  I am very anxious to post them because they are two of my most FAVORITE quilts yet!!  I think this is what happens when you pick fabric you are in love with!  Well, I am just itchin' to show you the completed products!

Both of these quilts are Bee quilts and both groups returned awesome blocks.... sometimes you really just stumble into good fortune with these bees I tell ya!

This first one was made with fabrics that I just LOVE.  The texture of the fabric and the colors are just gorgeous.

 The blocks are so fun and interesting and all different!!  AND I just finished quilting this baby!  Once I finish the binding, be sure I will be posting a picture ASAP!

About six months ago I started a Christmas Fabric Bee.  Almost as long ago, I sent out this vast array of fabric consisting mostly of nontraditional Christmas fabric that just "works".
 Look at these amazing blocks I got back from my group!!  I know, right!?!  They are amazing.  Not wanting to take away from the awesomeness that these blocks are, I still adding a little something to make this quilt rock a little more. 
Can hardly wait to show you!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

WIP- Wednesday

 My Knotted Squares are coming together...
 ever so slowly...
Done with the blocks, but now I have to sew them together.  Not looking forward to matching up all those seams!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basic Ease- FINISHED

 For the Quilting Book Club, the first month's pattern was BASIC EASE from the "Modern Basics" Book.  This quilt took no time at all.  The pieces were big and went together very quickly.
 I had a bunch of orange hanging around and went with that route for the quilt.  I also used Moda Snow (which is very different in color to Kona Snow by the way... don't ask me how I know that!).
 I quilted this baby myself!  I used a floral pantograph that is very similar to the flowers in the quilt so I think it was a good fit.
 My quilting is improving!  This is quilt #2 on the longarm for me.  It is lots of fun to use that machine!  The quilting still isn't perfect which is why I've opted for a color of thread that blends in very well, but unless you inspect it closely, you can't tell.  So, I am still proud of it!

 For the back I used Amy Butler's orange dots.  I love I nice dot fabric and this certainly is one of them.  I also bound the quilt using the backing fabric and the print fabrics from the top for a scrappy look.

Here is Basic Ease along with my Posie Patch quilt hanging in my sewing room.  My walls finally aren't bare anymore!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Remember this quilt?
Turns out it's a winner... well, I am a winner!

I kid you not, I never win anything.  I realize people say that all the time, but honestly I don't.  In fact, I am other peoples' good luck charms.  I have gone with my mom MANY quilting events and she always wins.  I even brought my MIL to a quilt guild meeting and both her and my mom won... but not me!  It's really unbelievable. 

Want to see how I won?  Go here.  I won a Jelly Roll... one of the LITTLE APPLES variety.  Yup, pretty awesome.

"Shirt Off My Bag"!

 For the Quilting Book Club, we are starting a new book called, "Fresh Fabric Treats".  It's a great book with simple patterns made by Moda Bake Shop designers.  (By the way, I LOVE Moda Bake Shop, sometimes I just go there and stare at all the pictures and it helps to inspire me.  Honestly, I have gotten lots of ideas from looking at others' work). 

The first task we are tackling is a pattern called, "Shirt Off My Bag".  It's a really cute, small bag.  Because I am forever in fear of falling behind in this group, I try to work ahead where I can. 

 The original pattern calls for four different fabrics, but I wanted to stick with these too because I think they are really pretty and wanted to focus on just them.
 There aren't many pieces to it at all-- just four inside/outside pieces, two triangular cuff pieces and then the handle pieces.
 Here, I'm sewing it all up!
The finished bag.  I decided to curve the bottom edges.. I didn't need to nor did it call for it, but I though it added an extra "cuteness" to it.  (I am using "CUTE" way too much in this post!)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lovely Panel Baby Quilt

 This quilt was actually made by my mom.  She saw the panel and thought it was cute.  She went completely out of her box and bought this fabric that was much more ME than HER.  Since I am the one who ended up binding it, I am posting it on my blog!
 It is a simple panel and border, but I think that is the best and easiest way to do baby quilts!
 The quilting was done on a long arm and actually looks like clovers, but it also looks like these flowers and I think it looks great!
 The fabric line is Moda Lovely.
 The back was pieced with the extra fabric.. why go buy a separate fabric for the back when you can piece together your leftovers and it looks much more interesting!?!

More babies coming soon around these parts, so I think that this one is spoken for already!

Dish Towel

 Our family is getting larger these days (2 adults, 4 kids and one dog) and our dishwasher gets run daily.  It is filled mostly with sippy cups and bottles that don't ever get completely dry and end up being set on the counter to finish drying.  SO, I've made a couple of these towels to put on the counter.
 I started out by just piecing the top with strips of Amy Butler fabric-- because it's so pretty!
 I placed it upside down on some terry, sewed together, leaving a hold to turn it out again.  Then I flipped it right side out and sewed down the edges again.
I used some terry cloth that I already had on hand, but you can also just use a dish towel or washcloth.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


My Blockwork Orange quilt was featured!


Feeling Inspired

 Since having Mason two months ago, my quilting time has gone down a lot.  It's sad, but I also get to spend time with a really cute baby.  Nonetheless, it seems most of my quilting now is making sure my bees are caught up and working on quilts made from beemates.  Well, I am starting to feel like I need to do a project of my own.  With a couple of swaps and bees ending soon, I am starting to think about what I would like to work on.  Here are a few quilts that I saw at the West Houston Area Quilt Show that are inspiring me right now:
 I love the perspective on this block one above.  Though I can already tell that is a whole lot of little pieces and I am not sure I am up to snuff for something like that quite yet!
 This one is certainly doable.  I pretty easy pattern actually it seems and very bright... I think that is why I liked it.  Most of the quilters for this particular show (when I went back in April), are more traditional quilters.  Which I love and appreciate, but just aren't me.
I have yet to do a circle/drunkards path quilt and I am actually really eager to try it out.  Perhaps this will be next on the list!

Rainbow Tutorial

For Stashtacular, we are supposed to do up some of the given tutorials and post our pictures to flickr in order to win prizes--- FABRIC!
Here we have Mason sporting the first tutorial found at  It was for this rainbow onesie.  Hope I win! (doubt I will, I am usually good luck for EVERYONE else!).

Monday, July 11, 2011

July for Aqua and Red Bee

 July is my month to send out fabric for the Aqua and Red Bee.  I have been drooling over Riley Blake's The Quilted Fish Sugar & Spice line for forever and chose that as my fabric.
 I recently bought a dresden template and since I love the look of a dresden, I decided that is what I wanted from my beemates. 
 Since I asked for two blocks-- I bribed them with a free fat quarter-- I went ahead and cut all the blades myself.
This is what the dresden looks like after it is completed.  I went for the smoothed edge dresden this time around.  I think it makes it a little more modern.  I have big plans for this quilt and am anxious to get them all back!

WIP- Basic Ease

I joined the The Quilting Book Club a month late, so I am still working on catching up on May's quilt.  Here is the layout for the Basic Ease quilt from the "Modern Basics" book by Amy Ellis.

Hope to finish it up by next week!

A few July blocks

 July isn't over yet and I am not done with all my blocks yet.  But, I have finished most of them so thought I would go ahead and post what I have finished.
 First off is the Fat Stash Bee.  The blue fabric was provided and she asked for blocks for her husband's quilt.  He works with horses and cows and such in the country so all I could think of was "I need green and I need pinwheels" that's what I did!
 For Christmas Fabric Bee, Corley asked for improv Christmas blocks.
 In Honeybees, we did these strip star blocks.
 For Aqua and Orange Bee, Alix wanted these square in a square blocks-- the one above and below.

 In Twelve Month Quilting Bee, Cassey asked for these strip square blocks.
 For another Christmas Fabric Bee, Marci asked for strip star blocks as well... I did a lot of strippin' this month!
In the Aqua and Red Bee- Lynne asked for a block of our choice.  I have been having a thing for stars lately so I made a star... of course, right after I posted the picture on flickr, another group member made a WAY better star.  Oh well!

JUNE ALFALC Swap Received

I received this little package last month for my A Little Fabric A Little Chocolate swap.  We said extra fabric instead of chocolate since it is like 100 degrees here in Houston.  More fabric is better anyway!

4x5 Kickoff!

The new 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee is kicking off and soon the 3x6 will be back in full swing.  These groups have me making a block for each person in my group within approximately 3 months or so.  The idea is that after participating in a couple rounds, you should be able to make a sampler-type quilt out of all the blocks you have received.  I had to come up with a collage that represented the colors and types of blocks I would like.   This is what I came up with:

1. Corey's bee block - "Sew New to Me" vqb, 2. Caitlyn's Quilt Block Detail 8, 3. July Block Party, 4. Caitlyn's Quilt Detail of pieced quilt, 5. bee beautiful March block, 6. If it's a boy quilt - front, 7. Layouts, 8. Quilting Divas - block for mamamary2, 9. Pillow Swap 3, 10. 3x6 Q1- melinda, 11. 3x6 Hive 25, for Neet Designs (Nita), 12. Blue, green, and gray, 13. Dresden plate block for joanna, 14. IMG_3317, 15. [3 x 6] Bee Quilt Block, 16. Circle of Geese block for Renee

Alzheimer Quilts

 The West Houston Area Quilt Guild, which I just joined in (my momma's a member) is very active in making charity projects and asks their members to participate in one or two every year.  Well, I was excited about the Alzheimer quilts charity because these small mini quilts are just like mug rugs which take hardly any time at all to make and they are for a good cause!

I used my fabric and pieced them and my mom did the quilting... so it was a duel effort and both our contributions to the guild.

Quilt 1:
 I got a new dresden template a few weeks back and I LOVE it.  So, I used the mini dresden for the first quilt.  I used Riley Blake's Sugar & Spice fabric.  I also used a fabric from the same line for both the backing and the binding.

Quilt 2:
 Awhile back I participated in a string block swap.  I didn't make enough of them to make an entire quilt, so I have been using them in various projects that need a little something.  So, I sewed four of them together for the top of this quilt.  I also received some fun japanese fabric from my May ALFALC swap and chose to use that for the back of this one.  I bound this one is plain Kona White.