Saturday, September 10, 2011


 My month is coming up for my Always Bee Learning Bee on Flickr.  I love this group because I am learning so many quilting techniques.  I was going to do Dresden blocks for my month, but since I still haven't figured out what to do with my last set of dresden blocks, I thought I would try out something that my mom uses in quilting fairly often... TRIANGULATIONS.  What it is is a program that lets you print off templates that when you sew two pieces of fabric together, you will end up with multiple PERFECT half square triangles.

This is heaven sent for me because I don't seem to make more than a few half square triangles without it looking a little stretched or forced.  They are a new love for me and I am sure you will be seeing me make lots of half square triangles in the near future!

Though it is an odd choice for me, I chose to do a BROWN quilt.  It will be completely brown and white.  I am really excited about it.  I love the fabrics I chose so I think it will be great.  I sewed up my first 16 triangles and took pictures of a few different possible layouts.....

I am giving everyone in my bee the option to lay them out any way they choose so I am excited to see what comes back to me!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 I find myself being so inspired whenever I look on Flickr.  People post the most beautiful things and I just can't help but get ideas by looking at them all.  I mark the ones that are my favorites.  You may even see a couple similarities between some of these and a quilt or two I have made.  Looking at these beautiful quilts/blocks gets me so excited to do 'the next thing', but also a little sad because I will never get to make everything I want to.  You know?

Anyways, I am sharing with you all of my favorites from Flickr... it is forever growing so I will add more in the future.  I DARE you not to be inspired by these beauties!!:

1. Climbing the walls... A modern denim quilt., 2. PictureBox quilt blowing in wind, 3. Stepping stones quilt finished, 4. Purple & green, 5. Wall Hanging, 6. I Spy Flying Geese, 7. Under the Boardwalk quilt pattern by Sweet Jane's, Terrain fabric by Kate Spain, 8. Pixelated Color Wheel Quilt, 9. Stash Quilt Side A, 10. Wonderland Top, 11. DS Quilts top finished, 12. Rainbow Wonky Stars, 13. Minecraft Quilt Top!, 14. Seeing Squares Quilt Top, 15. Tetris + Quilt = Quiltris, 16. Pixel Pusher, finished, 17. Walk in the Woods finished quilt full, 18. Kaleidoscope quilt top, 19. Dresdens, 20. Adams Quilt 006, 21. Stained Glass Quilt, 22. Block-A-Palooza Complete [3], 23. Red and Aqua Winding Ways, 24. "Hope" October Stash Buster Quilt

1. Bee Modern- June, 2. Orange and Blue Blocks from Bee Imaginative Bee, 3. Suzanne's Blocks Together, 4. "Awesome Lap Quilt", 5. Square Top, 6. modern squares quilt blue green brown, 7. 2010 Atlanta Symphony Decorators Show House & Gardens, 8. Cascade Quilt, 9. Chartreuse Stamps Quilt, 10. Rainbow Around the Block - Karen, 11. Gelati Log Cabin, 12. "Spot On" Circle Quilt, 13. Blue, green, and gray, 14. Baby Quilt, 15. Bumper in crib 1, 16. Australasian Bee Quilt Finished - front, 17. Finished quilt top, 18. February Quilt: Both Sides, 19. Paintbox Quilt - Detail, 20. piano quilt, 21. P1030608, 22. do. Good Stitches December "Love" Quilt, 23. do. Good Stitches X-string Quilt - January "Faith" group, 24. Blue Bento

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Knotted Squares

 I just finished up my latest quilt, "Knotted Squares".  This quilt was from Amy Ellis' Book, "Modern Basics".  It was an easy, but time consuming pattern.  Lots of chain piecing and lining up seams involved.  However, I think it was worth it because I LOVE the end result.
 I've been hoarding a jelly roll of Moda Hideaway fabric that I was instantly drawn to use for this project.  I LOVE that line.  The colors are basic, but really pretty.
 This quilt pattern is really neat because it incorporates two different squares.  I like quilts that show off more than one pattern within the quilt.  In this case, the yellow squares and then the solid squares.
 I only used 25 of the strips from the jelly roll and only about half of each of those strips.  The other half of each of the strips I used went to make the binding.
 I quilted this quilt using the curlz pantagraph for the longarm.  It was the perfect choice because the fabric that I used for the borders and backing seemed to swirl in the same pattern.  It was very fitting.  I used white thread.

 The backing (and border) that I used was also from the Hideaway line.  I knew instantly that this was the fabric that I wanted to use.  It was white and subtle but incorporated pretty much all of the colors from the line in it.

Here is a closeup of the scrappy binding that I sewed on by hand.  Finished size 72 x 72.

Winner #6- Last Day of Giveaways!

Today is the last day of the giveaways (Boo!).  This was so much fun that I am sure I will do it again soon!  I mean, my 100th post is almost here so I am sure I will have an offering for that coming up soon, so check in with me occasionally to see what's going on!

So our last giveaway is three 1 yard cuts of these three fabrics!  From left to right we have Journey by Kathy Davis for Free Spirit, Carinna Gardner for Northcott Fabrics and Monaluna for Birch Fabrics - Circa 60 Beach Mod.

So our winner is....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Emily said... "You're amazing Erin! How are you doing all this with your kids? Great Job! "
Congratulations Emily!!  Emily is actually a friend of mine who quilts but I knew her before I even started quilting.  She has amazing taste and always makes the most adorable things.  She recently made a baby quilt for a friend of ours that I was drooling over-- she just always finds the cutest fabrics.  I don't have a picture of it but it was made using charm squares from the Moda Hullabaloo line. Very CUTE!
And Emily, the key phrase is "doing all this with your kids"... cause I usually DO have to do it WITH my kids.  My sewing room is by the kids' playroom so that helps.  I also have a closet in my sewing room that has a bunch of workbooks, stickers, crafts that they can do in there with me.  The youngest was taking a lot naps, but he is starting to be awake more, so it certainly does cut into quilting time!   I have some extra time these days now that school is in session, so that affords me some free time.  Emily has 5 children so she knows that doing anything for yourself while kids are around is definitely hard.  However, I think it is important for kids to be able to play independently at times and see that their mom likes to do things that aren't ALL about them.  Still, I wish I had more time to do the things I love, but there is a time and season for everything!

Congratulations again to Emily and ALL of the winners!!!!  Thanks to everyone that joined in to be a follower!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Winner #5!- Featured Winner

Day #5 of the giveaway!!  I am excited to giveaway a fat quarter set of Reindeer Games!
And the winner is:

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LEANNE!  Leanne said, "And I am one of the early followers of your blog, it is looking great!"

Thanks Leanne and congratulations!  I was happy when the number 5 came up on the 5th day of the giveaways, plus it is also my favorite number... all the stars aligned for this one I guess!

Leanne has a great blog to show off all her skills... one of my most favorite things she has done is her wall hanging for her Love of Solids partner (please be me, please be me!). 
(picture from Leanne's blog,
 Seriously, that is ridiculously awesome!!  I can't even pretend to be able to do that!!  I WISH!

She also made a quilt that has some really neat quilting on it, check it out here.  It looks really cool! 

Congratulations again to Leanne- I will do my best to get that out to you asap!  And to everyone else... one more chance to win!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


 Happy Sunday all!  Today is day #4 of our giveaways!  Today's prize is a cute Amy Butler fabric pouch.

And the winner is...
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Here are your random numbers: 30 

Our winner is AMY who said, "hi, erin! good luck with your new shop. i'm currently obsessed with wathcing the entire criminal minds series on dvd from netflix. i stalk my mailbox waiting for the next disc!" August 18, 2011 11:10 AM

Thanks for the tip Amy.  My husband is always looking for another series to get from Netflix so we are putting this one on the list!!  We recently finished "Quantum Leap"... don't laugh, or actually do... it is totally old school!!  I was not into watching it, but I sat with him a few times while sewing on a binding and kind of got into it.  It's a cute series from back in the day.

ANYWAYS!-- CONGRATULATIONS!  I will try and contact you to get your address, but if you read this first, please send it to me at

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winner #3- Featured Winner

Today is day #3 of our 6 days of giveaways!  Today's winner receives a design roll of Tula Pink's Parisville!  I have seen some GORGEOUS quilts made from this line so I hope the winner will be able to make something wonderful from this... and share it with me so I can post it on my blog!

 A design roll of Tula Pink's Parisville.

Today's winner:

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Here are your random numbers:

Laura is our winner!  She said, "blogpost over @"
Congratulations Laura!!  Laura belongs to a couple of my bees and I adore her and her work.  Her blog, "Hobbying Around", features some of the things she has made and is in the progress of making.  Here are a few of the things she has done:
1. DWR-QA, 2. DSC00287-1, 3. check out the back of the quilt hanging down @ the bottom, 4. my first quilt

Laura, congratulations and thanks for letting me get a chance to feature you!  I will send you your prize soon!  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Winner #2- And our Featured Winner!

Today is day 2 of the 6 days of giveaways!  Today's giveaway is for A fabulous set of half yard cuts (3.5 yards) of purple and greys from the Lilac Moments line.
 A fabulous set of half yard cuts (3.5 yards) of purple and greys from the Lilac Moments line.
And the winner is:

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Tiffany said...
I'm a new follower.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

WINNER #1- And the Featured Winner!

Today is the first of six giveaway days! Today's giveaway is for the Robert Kaufman's Vera's Garden- 3 half yard cuts (1.5 yards total).


I used the Random Number Generator and here is the result for today's drawing:

Random Integer Generator 
Here are your random numbers: 65
The winner is:
Congratulations Mary!  Mary is actually a member of several of the bees that I am in so I am excited to know that such a great person is receiving this first giveaway!!

Mary has a blog of her own where she shares her crafty work.  She has some really fun, creative quilts that I really love.   I especially like what she is doing in this post.  Also, her sewing room got a makeover and it is certainly something to drool over, so I would check out this post for craft room ideas!

Congrats Mary!  I will send you your fabric later this week!