Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3x6 and 4x5 blocks

On Flickr, I have participated in several rounds of the 3x6 and 4x5 bees.  These particular bees have you making about 6 of the same blocks to exchange with other people (I make the blocks in their particular color choice)--- I posted my blocks from the 2nd quarter here .
Look at all the wonderful blocks I have received!  And they mostly all go together seemlessly!  I am still brainstorming on how to make this a little more fun.  I also am still thinking about what to do with it when I finish it.  We aren't exactly having a blanket shortage at my house!
Here are my blocks from a different angle.  I love them!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I LOVE Moda's Hometown line by Sweetwater.  It is just gorgeous and I have a lot of it...let's just say those aren't fat quarters stacked up and leave it at that.   
I am still trying to decide exactly what sort of quilt to make but I also plan on using the extra fabric to make pillows for our sofa.  I have decided my house needs to be introduced to my style because I don't feel like it quite represents me.  We will see if I manage to pull off all I want to with this fabric!

Brown and Pink Baby Quilt

I make a lot of baby quilts... I have lots of friends that keep having lots of babies :).  Luckily, these are just so fun to make. 
 I did a really simple log cabin design.  There was the picture fabric that is framed and then the other blocks have a center square with two frames.
 I used the leftover fabric to piece the backing.  I don't know the fabric line, but the main backing fabric is Lily and Will.
 I LOVE this quilting design.  the hearts are simple but fun.  I really like how they interlock with one another.  It is just a little different than most heart designs.
 I used a stripe fabric for the binding.  I still hand sew down all my bindings.  I am a little scared to machine bind for some reason... I think in my warped mind I think if I screw up on it the whole quilt is ruined.  I think one day soon I ought to try it though.
I hope this quilt is loved-- I just love pink and brown baby girl quilts!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thinking about Valentines in November

I belong to a quilt group with some women that I used to go to church with and now get to be good friends with them and crash their quilting group!  Our latest project is a Valentine's project where we wanted to make blocks for each other using Valentine fabrics and colors as well as some heart inspired blocks.  I finally finished up the last of my blocks (we have been exchanging each week we see each other, so these are just the last few I had to whip up).  I did a few different blocks, but the majority of my blocks are what I have pictured below.
 I made dresdens-- both flat edged and pointed-- as well as these "lil' twister" blocks.
I bought the "Lil' Twister" template at the IQF show this year and I love it!  It is a cute little template that is great to use with Charm squares and is really easy to do.  The best part is that it looks so good when it is completed!  For my first try with the template, I used my leftover Punctuation fabric.

 My week for exchanging was a few weeks ago and these are the blocks that I have received!  Aren't they awesome!?  I am already thinking about what I want to do with this quilt to take it to the next level!:)  I am so lucky to have so many talented people that inspire me to do more!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Quilt

Sweetwater who designs for Moda, has some of the best fabric out there.  I love their style!  So, I was excited to get my hands on their Christmas line, "Countdown to Christmas".  I saw a quilt on Flickr that I really liked (found here by frivolous necessity) and decided to test myself to see if I could make it without using a pattern.

 Somehow I always screw up triangles and I did on this one too, but I think I am the only one who could really notice it because I know what I did wrong!  I really love how it turned out.
 I enjoy these patterns that make your eyes have to focus and unfocus to see several patterns within the same quilt.  I think that is what made me gravitate to this design.

 I used the off white print that had the words for the backing.  I also used a stripe for the binding.
 I quilted this on the longarm using a holly and berry pantograph.  I wasn't a huge fan of this one but I think it was mostly because the fabric was so busy you couldn't see much of the quilting anyway.  Still love this quilt!  It's about 55x55ish??  It was finished just in time to hang over our couch for Christmas.  My other Christmas quilt is hanging on our wall in the front room!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dreaming of Dresdens Quilt- FINISHED!!!

Back in August I blogged about a Dresden Dilemmaa I was having.  After staring at those dresends for what seems like forever, I decided to make a quilt that looks very much like the quilt in the Block Party book.  I think mine is probably bigger though... I think it ended up being 80x100!  I had lots of ideas if I didn't already have the blocks assembled by my Aqua and Red bee group.  I really loved it so I felt like I needed one of these quilts as well!  Like I said, not an exact likeness but really close. :)

As I mentioned, each of the dresdens were assembled by my bee mates and then I added the blue or red background fabric and made them a little "WONKY". 

 Here is a closeup.
 For the dresdens, I used Riley Blake's Sugar and Spice.  For the background fabrics I used Michael Miller's Mini Mikes along with Kona Red.
 I wanted to include this picture of me showing off the quilt top at one of my quilt groups because it shows how huge it is. 
 For the back I used a plaid print from the Moda and I used red, white and pink polka dot fabric from Riley Blake's Sew Cherry line. 
Here is  a closeup of the quilting on the back.  I'm not sure I chose the right pattern to use, but it was  a new one that I was eager to try it.  It is pretty though... looks like ribbons throughout.  After much thought, I decided this beauty belonged in our family room.  We aren't hurting for blankets around these parts but this quilt is so big that our whole family can snuggle under it and that certainly is worth while!

It's been awhile...and IQF

Hello my fellow readers!  Well, it has been awhile since I have posted anything on this poor neglected blog.  I am sorry!  Suddenly life got a little crazy for me and I realized quickly that I needed to pull back on a few things to focus more on my family and make sure all that needed to be taken care of was actually being taken care of.  Every time I have a new child, I usually go through a period of time where I need to look at my life all over again and figure out what things are important to me and what things need to take a back seat.  This is sort of what happened to me the last couple of months.  The baby also started being awake a lot more and needing more attention and two of my children were in baseball/softball which had us out of the house almost every night.  It all just got a little crazy and I realized quickly that I wasn't going to be able to blog for awhile.  I do appreciate everyone's well wishes and concern.  Hoping that I will back from here on out, but you never know!!

In other news, I am lucky enough to live in Houston and was able to attend the International Quilt Festival for the first time!  It was lots of fun and I wish I had more time to go look at more of the gorgeous quilts that were there on display, but honestly, I spent most of my time spending money and buying fabric and sewing toys!  I snapped very few pictures but I thought I would share what I did take a picture of.
I went to IQF 3 seperate days and spent time with my aunt and my mom (the three of us pictured above), met up with my local guild members another day and went with some friends of mine the last day.  Of course, I only took one picture that first day, but I had a blast with everyone I went with!
 This is a random quilt to take a picture of (don't worry, I asked first!) but I am in the process of thinking about what sort of quilt I want to make for my daughter's teacher this year and loved this idea of using hand prints.  This particular quilt might be a better idea for one of my younger kids' preschool teachers but I thought it was just really creative.

 There was some AMAZING quilting to see while we were there.  I am on a quest to improve on my long arm quilting skills and perhaps one day I will be able to pull something like this off... or not.
 Another pretty random quilt but I liked how they did a simple ruffle in between each strip.  This would be a CUTE baby quilt!  (The sailboat quilt is pretty cute too!)
 I also scored a fat quarter bundle of Moda Reunion which is due out in February.  I'm in love with this fabric line.  I especially like the fabrics that use the basic primary colors in modern ways.  LOVE!
Also during Market and Festival, my Houston Modern Quilt Guild hosted a couple of get together for the Modern Quilt Guild.  I attended the first meetup which had mostly the people who went to Market (like "famous" bloggers, fabric desingers, quilt designers, book writers, etc).  I was such a nerd while I was there because I got to say hi to some of my favorite people who inspire me to make new things.  While there, I won this fat quarter bundle by Cloud 9 fabrics.  This line is out now!  I was so excited to have won!  My friend, Laurie, who came with me also won a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop.... we were so thrilled!!