Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brown and Pink Baby Quilt

I make a lot of baby quilts... I have lots of friends that keep having lots of babies :).  Luckily, these are just so fun to make. 
 I did a really simple log cabin design.  There was the picture fabric that is framed and then the other blocks have a center square with two frames.
 I used the leftover fabric to piece the backing.  I don't know the fabric line, but the main backing fabric is Lily and Will.
 I LOVE this quilting design.  the hearts are simple but fun.  I really like how they interlock with one another.  It is just a little different than most heart designs.
 I used a stripe fabric for the binding.  I still hand sew down all my bindings.  I am a little scared to machine bind for some reason... I think in my warped mind I think if I screw up on it the whole quilt is ruined.  I think one day soon I ought to try it though.
I hope this quilt is loved-- I just love pink and brown baby girl quilts!

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  1. Your quilting is awesome! Glad to see you are getting some sewing done! I sew down most of my bindings now, using the straight stitch and getting it to line up just right is still a challenge. But, if you sew the binding down on the BACK and bring it over to the front, you can use one of your machines decorative stitches to sew it down and it adds a little flare. If you don't have a decorative stitch you can use a zig zag. I do this all the time! I have a medical problem with my hand and if I hand sew it flares up and then I can't do any sewing at all, so I put the binding on with the machine.