Sunday, September 4, 2011


 Happy Sunday all!  Today is day #4 of our giveaways!  Today's prize is a cute Amy Butler fabric pouch.

And the winner is...
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Our winner is AMY who said, "hi, erin! good luck with your new shop. i'm currently obsessed with wathcing the entire criminal minds series on dvd from netflix. i stalk my mailbox waiting for the next disc!" August 18, 2011 11:10 AM

Thanks for the tip Amy.  My husband is always looking for another series to get from Netflix so we are putting this one on the list!!  We recently finished "Quantum Leap"... don't laugh, or actually do... it is totally old school!!  I was not into watching it, but I sat with him a few times while sewing on a binding and kind of got into it.  It's a cute series from back in the day.

ANYWAYS!-- CONGRATULATIONS!  I will try and contact you to get your address, but if you read this first, please send it to me at

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