Saturday, September 10, 2011


 My month is coming up for my Always Bee Learning Bee on Flickr.  I love this group because I am learning so many quilting techniques.  I was going to do Dresden blocks for my month, but since I still haven't figured out what to do with my last set of dresden blocks, I thought I would try out something that my mom uses in quilting fairly often... TRIANGULATIONS.  What it is is a program that lets you print off templates that when you sew two pieces of fabric together, you will end up with multiple PERFECT half square triangles.

This is heaven sent for me because I don't seem to make more than a few half square triangles without it looking a little stretched or forced.  They are a new love for me and I am sure you will be seeing me make lots of half square triangles in the near future!

Though it is an odd choice for me, I chose to do a BROWN quilt.  It will be completely brown and white.  I am really excited about it.  I love the fabrics I chose so I think it will be great.  I sewed up my first 16 triangles and took pictures of a few different possible layouts.....

I am giving everyone in my bee the option to lay them out any way they choose so I am excited to see what comes back to me!


  1. Honestly Erin, after finishing my blocks, I have decided that I LOVE triangulations! This was the first time doing hst that they turned out perfect, I was quite happy. So glad you chose this technique!

  2. Hey Erin! Your mom sent me the link to your blog ages ago but I just got around to visiting it recently...your work is beautiful (I already knew that though!) and I am jealous of your ability to find time and energy to do so much, esp with your zillions of Flickr bees! Wow!

    Hope you're doing well, see you Thursday...I will have 3 kids with me that day since I'm swapping babysitting with a friend...lucky lucky.

  3. Erin, I hope you are doing well, my friend!