Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mod Bento Block Quilt-FINISHED- thank goodness!!

 Thank heaven that this quilt is FINALLY finished.  It looks great now, but it has been my nemesis since its birth.  It was one of my very first quilts too!
 I used the Moda Bliss line of fabric.  It quickly caught my eye at my LQS and I grabbed it quickly and got a quarter yard of each!  I found the free tutorial for these blocks at www.filminthefridge.com
 The first nightmare with these blocks was that I was using a guide on my cheap Walmart machine (before my newer machine) and it was constantly slipping so my seams were never quite right.  So, some of my squares were smaller than they should have been.  However, with lots of starch, some stretching and also some trimming, I finally ended up with 9 blocks that were all the same size.
 When I went to sash this in Kona Snow, I didn't have enough fabric... UGH! So I had to make another trip and do a little sash piecing.  THEN I realized that it just wasn't big enough... I don't really like to make quilts that someone can't wrap themselves in, so I made a border.  BUT, I wanted something more than just a plain border, but I did not have a lot of scraps left.  So, I settled on this simple border.
 In my head, I imagine the 4 pieced sides connecting at the corners, but I failed to do mitered corners, so they don't.  Which isn't a huge deal, because it still looks fine, but it wasn't how I had imagined it.
 THEN I had ordered 5 yards of backing fabric (also Moda Bliss), but because this is a square quilt, I had to piece, but even with piecing I was about 4 inches short and had NO scraps left to piece... and I didn't want to throw in some random fabric on this back.  SO, I went to go order some more.  Except that I had ordered it relatively cheaply because it was on sale and now I couldn't find it in stock. GRRR.  So, I had to order a yard of it full priced on etsy. 
After all of that, the quilt actually came together well.  My mom, the wonderful mama that she is, custom quilted it for me and I think it looks nice.  I have plans to gift this quilt to a really great couple.  I mean, it has a lot of white in it so there is no way it would last in our house!

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  1. Saw your quilt on Pinterest and came over for a peek! It's gorgeous :) Loved the trials and tribulations story behind it - it must have been frustrating at times, but it sure ended up being a beauty!