Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I actually made a bag!!

 I am branching out and it is a little scary!!  I was in desperate need of a new bag for church so I thought I would make one on my own.  I am a really good copier... I find lots of things to "copy" online, but I am not great at following directions.  I typically look at lots of tutorials and patterns and then do my own thing.  Often there is a bit of trial and error, but that's how I learn.  --- This is very much how my life is too :)
 So, I made this bag from a charm pack of Moda Modern Workshop (minus the dark browns).  I used some fabric that I had on hand for the straps, cuff and lining... though I don't remember what designer they are from.
I even made a pocket!!  Now that I have made one bag, there are a ton of things I would have done differently.  I would have used a thicker interfacing, I would have done a drop in liner and I would have added more pockets.  BUT, this is only the first!!!

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