Monday, July 11, 2011

Kick off to Stashtacular!

 Something exciting happened... I joined another group on flickr.  I know, I know, sounds crazy, but this one is therapeutic and perhaps NEEDED.  I joined in on Stashtacular.  I have pledged not to buy fabric for an entire month.  It's doable.
 Honestly I was thinking that I don't have that much fabric... I mean, I pump out quilts pretty fast, but from the comments I received after posting my stash pictures, I must have a problem!
My scrap bucket was overflowing as well, but I just went through it and narrowed it down to strips and squares so I feel a little more organized there.  Also, INSPIRED to make a scrap quilt.

The most excited part (for me anyway) for all this is that there are going to be lots of tutorials for things to make and PRIZES to be won!  I'm talking free fabric during my fabric fast!  So, you know I'm in. 

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