Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Shirt Off My Bag"!

 For the Quilting Book Club, we are starting a new book called, "Fresh Fabric Treats".  It's a great book with simple patterns made by Moda Bake Shop designers.  (By the way, I LOVE Moda Bake Shop, sometimes I just go there and stare at all the pictures and it helps to inspire me.  Honestly, I have gotten lots of ideas from looking at others' work). 

The first task we are tackling is a pattern called, "Shirt Off My Bag".  It's a really cute, small bag.  Because I am forever in fear of falling behind in this group, I try to work ahead where I can. 

 The original pattern calls for four different fabrics, but I wanted to stick with these too because I think they are really pretty and wanted to focus on just them.
 There aren't many pieces to it at all-- just four inside/outside pieces, two triangular cuff pieces and then the handle pieces.
 Here, I'm sewing it all up!
The finished bag.  I decided to curve the bottom edges.. I didn't need to nor did it call for it, but I though it added an extra "cuteness" to it.  (I am using "CUTE" way too much in this post!)

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