Friday, July 29, 2011

Can Hardly Wait!!

 The quilting process is a fairly long one.  Selecting a pattern, then fabric, sewing the blocks, then putting the blocks together, then perhaps borders, then you have to quilt it and then bind it.  It often takes months and some even years to complete a quilt.  I have two quilts that are almost finished.  One just needs the binding and the other is getting quilted as we speak!!!  I am very anxious to post them because they are two of my most FAVORITE quilts yet!!  I think this is what happens when you pick fabric you are in love with!  Well, I am just itchin' to show you the completed products!

Both of these quilts are Bee quilts and both groups returned awesome blocks.... sometimes you really just stumble into good fortune with these bees I tell ya!

This first one was made with fabrics that I just LOVE.  The texture of the fabric and the colors are just gorgeous.

 The blocks are so fun and interesting and all different!!  AND I just finished quilting this baby!  Once I finish the binding, be sure I will be posting a picture ASAP!

About six months ago I started a Christmas Fabric Bee.  Almost as long ago, I sent out this vast array of fabric consisting mostly of nontraditional Christmas fabric that just "works".
 Look at these amazing blocks I got back from my group!!  I know, right!?!  They are amazing.  Not wanting to take away from the awesomeness that these blocks are, I still adding a little something to make this quilt rock a little more. 
Can hardly wait to show you!!

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