Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dresden Dilemma

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 What seems like forever ago, I sent my Aqua and Red beemates some Riley Blake- Quilted Fish Sugar and Spice fabric.  Usually, when it is my month in a bee, I hand over chunks of fabric and let them have their way with it, but this time I gave specific instructions.
You see, I got myself a handy little dresden template and was dreaming in dresdens that month.  I wanted each person to make two dresden blocks for me.  It seemed like a lot of work and since I did just get the template, I made all the cuts myself and just had them put them together.  To make it even easier, I opted for a smooth edged dresden as well.

Side note:  I think for quilting bee blocks, it really is best to let the other bee members be creative and make something original. Better to give general guidelines and let them do their thing. That is really the bonus of these bees is that you have others design for you, not just do your work.  I realized that after I did this bee that, yes, I got the blocks that I wanted, and they were all beautifully sewn, but there weren't any surprises or originality either.  I don't know, what sorts of blocks do you think are best for bees?
1. Aqua and Red Bee - Erin's July Block 01, 2. Aqua and Red Bee - Erin's July Block 01, 3. July - Aqua and Red Bee, 4. July - Aqua and Red Bee, 5. Dresden, 6. Dresden 2, 7. aqua and red bee blocks for erin (toerintx) for july, 8. Aqua Red Swap July 2011, 9. Aqua Red Swap July 2011, 10. aqua and red block for (toerintx) erin..., 11. erin sq2, 12. erin sq 1, 13. Aqua and Red Bee- July Sample Block, 14. Erin's Block #2 for the aqua and red bee , 15. Erin's block #1 for the aqua and red bee , 16. Aqua and Red Bee- July Sample Block

Now I have all these beautiful blocks back in my possession but haven't been able to bring myself to work on it.  I just can't come up with a great idea for this quilt!

I thought about something like this:  (This is the quilt from the book "Block Party")

 What I like most about this is the random red squares and the skewed white squares.  That being said, I don't want to copy the quilt.  I mean, I do get lots of inspiration from others and honestly, sometimes I do try do make the exact same quilt, but generally, I do like to change a few things to make it mine.  I am really stuck on these dresdens though!  I think because they are a little plain in that they all look the same.

Any ideas?  I will continue thinking about it and let you know what I come up with.

My aqua and red bee is coming to a close.  They are continuing on a second round, but I won't be joining them :(.  I love my bees, but I am also looking for more opportunities to do my own quilts!

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  1. I hear ya, Erin. Being in bees, I find I also enjoy the months I am given the most freedom. Sometimes when the directions are too clear and/or the fabric is already cut for me, I feel like a sweat shop, ya know! But then again, not having to think or cut can be v. therapeutic sewing time. Good luck coming up w/your finished quilt top.