Sunday, August 7, 2011

Improv Quilt DONE!!

 Yippee!  I finished the improv quilt.  This is a quilt that I put together using blocks made by myself and my quilting bee mates from "Bee Connected".  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how thxis came out.
 Please pardon the shots of the full quilt.  First off, this is a larger sized quilt 92x86 and so I had to go outside and lay it on the driveway.  Also, I couldn't get high enough to take a full picture of it without this huge angle.  Finally I realized that I could hang it from my banister and take a pretty good picture of it but then my camera started acting up, so I told myself, "Erin, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"-- my kids always say that.
 Anyway, about this quilt.  Like I said, these are blocks from a bee.  I asked for improv blocks and I think this was a smart request because I knew I would be able to use every block and they would all be unique and awesome!
 I thought about just sewing the blocks together without sashing but it sorta looked like a mess, so I think the sashing ended up making it looks so great.  I used an 'almost solid' teal color.  These colors (from the modern affair and theory lines) might blind a traditional fabric quilter, but I think they are gorgeous... I LOVE these fabrics....perhaps that's why I like the quilt so much.

 I quilted this all on my own!  Yes, I have ended my apprenticeship (my mom was teaching me how to use her longarm) and have gone on my own and can quilt an entire quilt all by myself.  I still have just done pantagraph quilting, but hope to learn more custom quilting skills as I master the pantagraphs.
Here is a closeup of the back.  It really turned out beautiful and am very please with the final result!

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