Saturday, August 20, 2011

Off to HMQG

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Today is our monthly Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  I feel really lucky that there is a place I can go to meet up with other quilters who quilt like I do.  I am always inspired by what the other members of the guild accomplish.  Here are some work from the other members' of the guild:
1. habitat challenge mosaic, 2. sunflower quilt, 3. rainbow bamboo quilting, 4. navy QOV #11 - finished, 5. Whirl and twirl, 6. HMQG July Meeting, 7. Hope Valley Plus Quilt, 8. Heather's baby quilt, 9. Amy's whole quilt, 10. "dorothy's garden" quilt, 11. Innocent Crush Brick Path, 12. "corner crosses", 13. january "bee pieceful" quilt - butterfly kaleidescope, 14. Lily and Will Front, 15. hmqg wonky star QOV - completed!, 16. Cacophony of Color - Bella Solids Parade, 17. HMQG Park Challenge, 18. Alzheimer's Quilt #5, 19. Tumbler Quilt, 20. Rainbow progression, 21. DQS, 22. Triangle Whimsy Front, 23. I Dream of Triangles, 24. 2 Squared Front, 25. Cate's Quilt

My absolute favorite part of our meetings is show and tell!  It is so fun to hear about other peoples' quilts.  There is always a story to a quilt.  Even if it doesn't start with a story, a story is created as you make it.  I think that is why I feel so attached to the quilts I make.  Sure I can't keep them all, but each one of them is important to me!


  1. I missed the meeting due to family visiting. How was it?

  2. What lovely quilts you've all made! I wish I had sewing friends to meet up with in real life, but noone that I know sews!