Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fabric Sniffing

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I'm not sure if I have mentioned my kids at all or not, but I have four children.  Ages 6, 4, 3 & 3 months.  Only one of them goes to school so far, so things at our house are pretty crazy all the time... just the way I like it. :)  So my oldest, Elise, is an awesome big sister... the best.  She is also my craftiest child (has already constructed some pajama pants and part of a quilt all by herself!) and loves to join me in my sewing room and be with me.  Ellie loves to look at the fabric, pick out coordinating fabrics and ask me about any projects I am working on.  When it is just her and I in my sewing room (typically I have a whole crew "helping" me), she will just talk on and on about her day and what things are going on with her.  I LOVE IT!  I hope she will always want to just sit and talk with me.

While all this is extremely sweet, Ellie has a really weird thing she does.  She smells fabric.  Obsessively.  Elise and her younger sister, Maggie, always run to get the mail together.  I am in a lot of bees so there is a package of fabric in the mail pretty much every day.  They always hurry back in the house, open the packages and sniff the fabric...not just a little sniff sniff, but a huge inhaling of fabric goodness!

I mean, I admit, I do love the smell of fabric, but I am also thinking this might be a little strange!

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