Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watching it all come together...

First off, the giveaway is still going on.  Only one more week to leave a comment and have a chance to win one of six great prizes!!!  Enter here.

So this is what is on my design wall right now.  These beauties were made by my Honeybees group.  I have a plan for this quilt and am excited to get a chance to work on it...some day!
Stars are still coming in the mail, then I will get an idea of how many more I need to make myself.  I am planning on adding different blocks in between these and making a cute border as well. I really am excited that the members of my group made me such GREAT blocks... seriously, these are beautiful!


  1. Those are really, really pretty!

  2. i love the subtle colors-- very soothing!

  3. I love stars and those colors are beautiful!!