Monday, August 29, 2011

POW WOW... inspiration!?

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Admittedly, when we used to go places as a family and my mom would start talking about how something or another reminded her of her quilting... I totally rolled my eyes and was pretty embarrassed.  Well folks, I really am turning into my mother.  Our church hosted a Pow Wow on Saturday night and I couldn't help but think about quilting!!!

The tradition, dancing, singing, drumming and ceremony was all beautiful, but I was most impressed with the what they all wore!!!  Everything is very bright and intricate.  Incredibly inspiring as far as making something that reflects this style myself some day.
 AND-  Do you see what I see in the middle of all those feathers?!?  STARS!!!  Stars like I make on quilts!  This might be a "duh" statement for most of you, but it is all starting to connect for me, perhaps part of our quilting culture comes from Native Americans!
 I saw stars everywhere on these outfits (costumes??  Not sure what the correct term is).  Their attire had so much going on.  Color, different fabrics, different materials, animal parts/skins, beautiful designs.  It was very neat to see.
 I love this bag!  Think they would give it to me?  Nope.  Check out that star!  Looks like it could go right on a quilt, doesn't it?  Of course, most of the stars I saw (specifically in the head pieces and in the center of feathers) were all done with bead work.  VERY tiny beads.  I wouldn't ever do that.  I don't have the patience for it.  It is almost all I can do to paper piece a star and even that seems like a lot of work.

All and all it was a very fun night that really made me think of quilting!!!  Perhaps I am obsessed, I don't know, but who could stop thinking about quilting with all of those stars!

 This is a picture of me (ignore the glare off my forehead !:))  My dad helped to host the event so out of respect (and fun I guess) he got to dress up too.  He actually had deer toenails hanging from his knees.  I would be interested to know if there is some sort of cultural significance to that.
 And for good measure, here are 3 out of 4 of my kids.  They had fun too!
Here is #4.... with a very weird look on his face.  He doesn't always have that look on his face... only when the camera comes out and he is like "what the heck is that!?"

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