Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Bee Blocks

 Here are the bee blocks I made this month:

For Add a Border Block swap I added the next border on these two:

 For Fat Stash Bee, Jodi asked us to make a bento block for a quilt that she plans on making for her 15-year-old son.  I was really excited about this because I had just purchased some of Michael Miller's Extreme line that I knew would be perfect for a cool teenage guy :).  So, I was so excited, I made her 3.

 For Christmas Fabric Bee, it was my month (woo hoo) and I asked everyone to make me a pictoral block for Christmas.  I think it will end up being really fun blocks for the quilt and also I really enjoy seeing what others do and how creative they are!  Here are my two blocks:
 In Christmas Fabric Bee, it was also Stephanie's month and she asked for Mod Mosaic blocks, I am not the hugest fan of these, but I love how they turned out and I think she will be happy with the quilt she ends up with.

 For the Twelve Month Quilting Bee, Melissa also asked for Mod Mosaic blocks.  I LOVED her fabrics and even decided to work on a quilt that uses similar colors after working with these.  I had hoped to do another block for her, but I didn't have enough fabric and I think I must have been a little generous on my sashing because I didn't even have enough to border this one block!
 In the Aqua and Orange Bee Melissa asked for Wonky log cabins and that is what she got!  I think it is really striking with these colors and think this will be a really fun quilt and a super fun bee to be a part of.  Can't wait for my month!

 This quarter, I also joined up with the 3 x 6 mini bee which has me making 6 blocks in 3 months.  Below is the block I chose and I finished up two of them so far... two more to go!

 For Sew2Speak, April had a quilt in mind and wanted us each to make a block from the pattern she provided.  This was a good one as it had us working on our applique skills.
 For Honey Bee Part Deux, Kristina wanted to make her a dresdon block.  I was very excited to do this one as I had not yet tried it and I love how it came out.  However, this took a bit of time to do the one block so I think I will keep that in mind and if I ever want a dresdon quilt, I will make some bee mates help me out! :)
 The Crazy Bento Block Swap just started up again.  I have to make 12 blocks by September I think it is (might be August)... anyway, these are the two I made this month:

 In Sewn Together, Sorrel had us make these small trees for a wall hanging that she will be putting together.  I had a bit of a time with this one as the pieces were REALLY small and it didn't come out as clean as I would have liked, but even in the tutorial, the examples were also this way.  Sorrel was kind and said that she loved them and it added to the charm of it.  Some people are just too nice.

Whew, I think that's it for April.  It never seems like a lot until I take stock in what I've done.  Really I enjoy these bees, so it hasn't felt like work... yet.

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