Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pooh Baby Quilt

 I have a lot of friends who have a lot of babies... apparently I am of the same group seeing as I am due any day!  So, I make a lot of baby quilts.  You will see them featured on here often, I am sure.

I made this quilt for my friend Trisha.  She recently had a little boy, Ashton.  I saw this fabric while I was at Hobby Lobby loading up on my Konas.  I just love the vintage Pooh stuff, so this caught my eye.

 It took me literally a morning to put this quilt top together.  I bought a panel, boxed those blocks in and made a few pinwheels, sewed it all together and tada!
 Mom quilted it, I bound it and it was a great gift from her and I!

Winnie the Pooh is so classic!

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