Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blockwork Orange Quick Swap

 Last month I joined the Blockwork Orange Swap.  It was one of those swaps that you just had to punch out a bunch of blocks and mail them in and get others' blocks back in return.  This particular one was so fast and a total breeze.  I LOVED it!
 These crazy 9-patch blogs were courtesy of Oh Franssons online tutorial.
 They are really easy to do, almost impossible to mess up and you bang out 9 of these bad boys at the same time!  WOO HOO!

 Above are the group of blocks that I sent in for the swap.  I used fabric mostly purchased from Fabricworm.  They have bundles in almost every colorway so it was an easy pick for fabric for this one.  I also had some other oranges in my stash that I added in.
 Here are the blocks when I got them back.  I tried to play around with how I wanted them and thought I would probably lay them in rows like this, but opted for something else.
This is the finished top.  I put the blocks in groups of four and groups of six and laid them just like you see above.  Then, I framed them in Kona Snow and sashed and bordered in Kona Charcoal.  I am really happy with it and will post the finished product when it is finished being quilted and when I have the back put together.  Still not sure what to do with the back!

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