Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bee Connected Next Month

For my new Bee Connected Bee, I am doing the first month... how awesome right?  Well, actually it was mostly because I had enough fabric and was ready to send out to everyone at a moments' notice.

Anyway, this fabric come from the Theory line as well as Modern Affair.  Those are also some solid Konas in the background.
This time I am asking for improv blocks.  I think that these quilting bees are best used to bring others' talents and abilities to everyone.  So, I love it when members can be as creative as possible.  The only real requirement I gave was that it needed to be 12.5" squared, needed to contain a bit of one of the solid fabrics and it had to include one square in the block.  I am eager to see what everyone comes up with.
This is an international bee so I probably won't get around to make this quilt until July or even August, but I will post as I finish things up.

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