Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dino time!

 When my mom and I saw this Dinosaur fabric at our LQS, she fell in love.  She bought the panel not knowing who she would use it for and has been praising its cuteness ever since.  She ended up handing it over to me to make for a friend of ours who is having her third boy!
 I am pregnant.  This means, when I have to do a lot of mental math in my head, it makes my head hurt and I get tired.  So, I spent about a week thinking about this one and making sure I got the measurements correct before assembling it all.  ( I wanted a medium sized row, then large, then small, then large, then medium)
 Mom used a varigated thread that worked really well with this quilt with the black and all the bright colors.
I had to piece the back a little bit and I was worried it looked a little like, pardon if I offend anyone, a gay pride flag.  I just didn't need a pride flag on the back of the baby quilt is all.  But, everyone I asked told me I was silly and it looked cute.  So, I left it as is, had it quilted and bound it in the red, because that is what I had enough of leftover. 

Miss Laurie is due the same week as me and I know she is as uncomfortable as I am.  Hopefully her little Brigg will love this quilt!

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