Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aviary Quilt

 I recently purchased Joel Dewberry's line of Aviary 2 fabrics in the yellow/granite colorway.  I just really liked the fabrics.  I purchased them from Hawthorne Threads who I find often gets some of the newer lines sooner and also has some other hard to find lines.  I also used Kona Charcoal and Bella Snow.
 I saw a pattern in a magazine that I loved, cut out and changed a few things.  I made the blocks a little bigger, and changed placement and layout a bit.  But I really love how this design shows off the fabrics.  I love this line so much that I didn't want to hack it up and lose the fabric design... I like this so much that I will likely use this or a similar pattern (because I didn't write down exact measurements-- I like to wing it:)) again in the future.

 What I like most about this is that the frames/borders/sashing (whatever you call it), are not all even.  One side is thicker/bigger than the others on most of these blocks.  I think it adds a dimension and a character to the quilt.
 My mom out did herself on this quilting.  It looks so good and fits the quilt fabric perfectly.
 It is a little easier to tell in the above pictures that four of these blocks actually makes up one large block.  I like that and think I will do something like that in the future as well.
 Close up of the quilting.
For the back I used Moda Bella Snow and pieced a section in the middle with the fabric I had left over.  I did the binding in Kona Black and I think it is really striking.  I love it!!

The beauty is going to my friend Laurie.  She saw it, loved it, wanted to BUY it (she is so silly) and said she had to have it.  I was like "Really!? My quilt?!?" So we are working out a trade.  She makes great bags so I think I will be swapping for some bags in the near future!

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