Saturday, April 30, 2011

March Bee Blocks

 I am involved in several online quilting bees... which I LOVE.  It allows me to cope a bit more with my A.D.D. quilting (I can't finish 1 project from start to finish and have to have about 10 different things going at once) and helps me to learn new techniques and also get a quilt from each group.  Anyway, here are the blocks for March:

Twelve Month Quilting Bee for ME!  I asked everyone to make Wonky Log Cabins.

For Fat Stash Bee, Rebecca wanted us to make her a house or some other building for her neighborhood.  This was kind of a fun one, but for a newer quilter like me, I am not sure if the buildings looked polished enough.

 For Add-a-Border Bee, I added borders to the following blocks:

 For Sew2Speak, I made these two blocks for Amber.  She has a pattern in mind and just needed everyone to help her complete it by making a couple blocks for her.  This one was really simple as she had even cut the fabric exactly so I just had to sew it all together!
 For Christmas Fabric Bee, there were two gals who had March as their month.  It was a little tricky for them as there wasn't a bunch of Christmas fabric in the shops at this time, but they went less traditional and I think they turned out well. 
For Mary, I got to test out my triangles and my flying geese for these two blocks:
 For Anna, we worked on these pretty gold and silver blocks.  Two things were tricky with this one-- first, I have never worked with silk before (the gold is silk) and second, getting those lines to match up was tough!  After the first few attempts I called it "good enough" and sent it back to her.  I was afraid to ruin it more than I already had!  She sounded grateful though, so that's good!

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