Saturday, April 30, 2011

WIP Nightmare

This quilt top was the second quilt top I completed.  I worked on it at the same time as I worked on the first quilt, but it has YET to be completed.  It has really turned into a bit of a nightmare quilt.

First, I should say that I do love the pattern from Quilt Dad, it is really easy and hard to mess up.  I also used the Moda Bliss line which I absolutely LOVE.  It is so cute and girly.  Plus, I really love the way that pinks and reds go together. 

(pardon the toes in the picture...I'm sure it won't be the last set of kiddie toes I catch in a picture!)

This quilt has just given me grief.  The blocks turned out a bit wonky, I had to cut a few down so they would all size the same, I ran out of sashing fabric and had to get more, the border I put on didn't turn out the way I wanted and NOW the backing I bought isn't working out right.  I bought 5 yards of backing and it will fit if I cut out a chunk in the middle and sew it together in a few places, but it's sort of a pain, you know?  Once I finally do that, it will be ready for some custom quilting.  However, I know since I don't have ANY fabric left over that I am going to have to figure out SOMETHING for the binding.  I just want this quilt DONE already!

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